FPSC Kuwait

Friday, December 23, 2005

FPSC Christmas Greeting


Saturday, December 10, 2005

FPSC Officers Inducted

On Friday, the 9th of December 2005, FPSC Officers led by incoming president Alfred Avila were inducted into office by Labor Attache Paul de Jesus at the Continental Hotel, in Kuwait City. Officers and members of the Filipino Practical Shooting Club attended the occasion. On that same occasion, the Filipino Cultural Club (FCC) and Philippine Bowling Association in Kuwait (PBAK) officers were also inducted by the labor attache.

Song and dance numbers were presented by FCC while brief histories of the organizations were presented by Jhet Tan prior to the oath taking. At the end of the programme food was served, buffet style, and public dancing ensued with music DJ-ed by reknown Gilbert Semillano.

FCC, helmed by their President Vangie Dantes, spearheaded the commmittees in charge of the programme, while PBAK President Francis Roque led the hospitality treatment of the VIPs. Former executive director Marie Palacios Al-Ameri hosted the night's event.

FPSC OFFICERS for the Year 2005-2006


President : Alfredo Avila
Vice President : Jhet Tan
Secretary : Teresita Felisilda
Assistant Secretary : Jovito Caldito
Treasurer : Shy Lao
Assistant Treasurer : Espie Torreda
Auditor : Carlos Abesames
Assistant Auditor : Antony Cusio
P.R.O./ Media Affairs : Boie Dublin
Assistant P.R.O./ Media Affairs : Thomas Mariano
Sgt. At Arms : Abelardo Borbe Sr.
Agerico Corpuz
Pablo Avestruz
Gary Bonifacio
Joey Atienza


Membership : Theresa Felisilda (Chairperson)
Technical : Danny San Juan (Chairman)
Tournament : Carlos Abesames (Chairman)
Ways and Means : Jaime Avila (Chairman)
Special Projects and Programs : Jesus Lorenzo Tan (Chairman)
Sports/ Physical Fitness : Joey Torreda (Chairman)


Consultant : Benedicto R. Barriga, Jr. (Chairman)
Organization Adviser : Bienvenido Dantes
International Affairs : Willy Lao
Legal Adviser : Atty. Vivo Vidal
Technical Adviser : Maria Dalia A. Barriga
Community Relations Advisers : Francis Roque, Ronelo Madrid
Finance and Management : Elmer Mendoza, Jaime Avila

Saturday, December 03, 2005

FPSC Constitution Submitted, Induction Set

FPSC has completed the ratification of its constitution and by-laws, as approved by a majority of its founding membership. The same document has been sent to the Philippine Embassy along with other documents for FPSC accreditation.

FPSC awaits for the approval of its accreditation as it prepares for its 1st Induction and Ball at the Continental Hotel, Kuwait City on the 9th of December 2005 along with FCC and PBAK, two other Filipino organizations in the State of Kuwait.

FPSC continues to hold Monday and Friday practical shooting competitions at the National Range Complex. Above photo shows some of the members who have participated in the competition. Incidentally, one of the members, Alexander Ilocto, who died on a road accident going to Iraq was in the photo, taken just a few days prior to his accident.

FPSC was able to collect KD170 as "abuloy" or contribution from its members, for the bereaved family of Mr. Ilocto, and has given the amount to his wife. Several members of FPSC also attended the 9-day prayer vigil for the eternal repose of the soul of the departed member.